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About EcoInFruityFlowers

EcoInFruityFlowers® is brand  focuces on creating, doing and trading Fruity Flowers Arrangements and Chocolate-dipped Fruits in Hochiminh City.

FruityFlowers-Hoa Trái Cây always believes:

- Gift-giving is a ways to express your emotion and care to your loved ones
- A gift is also a bridge for businesses to connect and enhance the relationship with partners and customers; 
- Gift-giving is not just giving out a gift BUT an Art of Manner
- Successful gift-givers is the ones those win joy, surprise, smile and satisfaction from recipients.

FruityFlowers-Hoa Trái Cây aims to provide alternative ways to enjoy simple and usual things among us, and give a hand in creating more ideas and solutions to gift-givers. Our Fruity Flowers Arragements not only are beautiful with impressive decorative ideas but also are edible and dilicious with careful choices of fruits and fruit combination. For those who love chocolate, we creat a collection of Chocolate-dipped Fruits products which are made from hight quality fruits, chocolate and nuts, to offer a new amazing way to indulge themselves with great taste and flavor 

This website is one of the ways for customers to browse and orders our products. We update our activities on Facebook Page: FruityFlowers-Hoa Trái Cây as well. Please find a options as follow, at your most convenient, contact us:
    - Office                  : 157/29 Ba Thang Hai Street - Ward 11 - District 10 - Hochiminhh City.  
    - Telephohne        : 08 62 703 866, 0908 934 376  

    - Website              : ; and 
    - Facebook Page  : 
FruityFlowers-Hoa Trái Cây  
    - Email                  :

“FRUITY FLOWERS- 7 DAYS OF PASSION” – We are open everyday